If you have missed OCCAM 2011, here is the chance to watch and listen to the videos taken from most of the talks.
We hope they will call your interest to OCCAM 2012 (4-6 June 2012) and are looking forward to welcoming you (again) in Osnabrück then.


Fiser, József: A sampling-based framework for probabilistic representation and computation in the cortex
Hilgetag, Claus C.: Dynamics of hierarchical neural networks
Jaeger, Herbert: Neural hierarchies: singin’ the blues
Kietzmann, Tim: High-level pop-out - Testing the reverse hierarchy theory
Kilner, James: Hierarchical networks for action understanding
Körding, Konrad: Priors and likelihoods: The neural representation of Bayesian statistics
Körding, Konrad: Moore's Gesetz für Neurone – Größer, schneller, weiter? (public talk)
Pasemann, Frank: Neurodynamics in the Sensorimotor Loop
Rollinger, Claus: Introduction speech „public talk“ on 23 June
Schumacher, Johannes: A statistical modeling approach to detecting nonlinear synchronization
Seriès, Peggy: Expectations in perception and decision-making
Sommer, Fritz: A principle of learning that allows different regions in the cortex to communicate without loss
Ullman, Shimon: Full object interpretation
Verschure, Paul: Towards a system level model of the brain. Where´s the hierarchy?
Wilming, Niklas: Lower and upper bounds for the predictability of viewing behavior
Wiskott, Laurenz: Hierarchical processing with the slowness principle
Yu, Angela: Perception, action and cognition as optimal computation


For the complete video presentation (offering different download options), please have a look at Lernfunk.de (the media portal of the University of Onabrück).