Please find below the contributions to this year’s poster session.
The "Call for Posters" for OCCAM 2012 (4-6 June 2012) will start soon. We are looking forward to welcoming you (again) in Osnabrück then.


Appeltant, Lennart: Computational performance of a single bandpass electro-optic delay oscillator
Avdiyenko, Liliya: Modelling top-down attentional instructions for visual classification task
Bitzer, Sebastian: Predictive coding of dynamic stimuli based on Bayesian inversion of recurrent neural networks
Canzler, Sonja / Kaspar, Kai: The influence of emotion as a high-level feature on human overt attention
de-Wit, Lee: The top down allocation of visual processing resources is guided by a representation of multiple objects maintained in parallel
Dharmavarapu, Madhusudhana Rao: Early audio-visual integration during spatial navigation implemented on a neural network
Donatti, Guillermo Sebastian: Using a neural map taxonomy to represent visual object knowledge
Görgen, Kai: Where- vs. what-rules & which rule when: Two double-dissociations of neural representations of hierarchical rules
Jarvis, Sarah: Hierarchically clustered network topologies: The relevance of robustness in reservoir networks and neuronal cultures
Lagzi, Fereshteh: Bifurcation analysis of multiplicatively interacting populations of spiking neurons
Lukosevicius, Mantas: Self-organizing reservoirs for temporal data processing neural hierarchies
Pirmoradian, Sahar: BLISS: an artificial language for learnability studies
Ramos Gameiro, Ricardo / Kaspar, Kai: The impact of emotional priming on attentional processing in the visual hierarchy
Sakenas, Vytenis: Spatio-temporal data processing with reservoir hierarchies
Ullner, Ekkehard: Contour integration and synchronization in neuronal networks of the visual cortex
Wilmer, Andreas: Time-delayed mutual information of the phase as a time-dependent measure of functional connectivity
Wilming, Niklas: Bayesian modeling of eye-movements based on an analysis of the conditional dependence structure between consecutive saccades
Yildiz, Izzet Burak A hierarchical neuronal model for generation and online Bayesian recognition of birdsongs